Mar 22, 2010

Dendy: The New Reality - Steepler Shop from ep. 3 (English subtitles)

Crash Nicker's latest translation.

To be honest, I have no emotions on releasing this one after a long hiatus, but yet I'm glad that my channel gets an update (as well as PGC). Yay! And, to notice a typo that I made during the translation... Yeah, the moment when the boy was talking about the 'second floor stuffed with hyperexpensive console' is meant to be... the first. Yup. In Russian-speaking countries, the number of floors in the building starts from the first level (not counting underground floors), while in Engilsh, it starts from the second. I.e. 'first floor' is 'ground floor' and 'second floor' is 'first floor'. That's it.

Okay, Suponev making interviews again. This time...
00:46 A bunch of kids who already has their Dendies. Boy #1 actually mentions that he doesn't have a Dendy console but rather another one 'from China with love' (Subor? Lika?) but still wants to buy a cartridge for his own 'pet' d:P. All I gotta say is... that console is PROBABLY not so called 'Rambo' that was in posession of some kids in those time. I dunno what it EXACTLY is, yet I've seen the photo of it. Also, notice that they ALL wanna get SEGA MegaDrive II. Yeah, I'm really sorry that NES had few strategy (especially real-time) games or something that SEGA actually stands with out the other consoles...
02:15 Basically, IT IS AN INTERESTING PART. Sergei interviews a granny who's going to buy a Dendy to his grandson. It's clear that grandma doesn't understand every wonder of the modern world... And she doesn't understand anything in gaming. Well, yeah, that's only the rise of gaming in ex-USSR, what could you expect?
03:19 Oh, I know that such nerds may take the managing post, but HELL, wy didwa pwut him twere? Just look at him. And listen to the way he speaks. No comment on this guy, Alex Yelkin whom I gonna cover in my next video is a more charismatic guy. Also, notice those 'registration cards' that I have mebtioned in my previous (and first) Steepler brand shop video. Piracy never was so 1337, lemmie tell you. And it still has the curtain of 'legalization' in our countries...

The Ninja's word: The huge difference. The memories. The price, being a huge step up between 8 and 16 bit. Since SNES and SMD were not really pirated, they costed a lot more than Dendys and Famiclones did. Everyone would wanted a SEGA back then. Not all got it. Neither did I. This is an interesting point of view in the second half. After kids come an old woman. Man, I imagined her buying a Genesis for his grandson, who's 29 now if he was 14 in 1994...
And the geek manager. Like "send back and get free catalog of stuff you will don't buy", hahaha.


  1. Actually, to make things even more confusing, the US and Canada start counting floors at ground level, while the UK starts counting one floor above ground level. So in at least some English-speaking countries, your translation's correct...

  2. In the USA, where I am located, it is this.

    B2, B1, F1 (Ground level), F2, F3, F4, blah blah F12, F14. No floor 13.

    Some places don't have a seventh floor, either. It goes F5, F6, F8. XD

    Superstitions, man.

    And what ep does the guy talk about how the cards are important? I was curious about that, thinking it would be your new post and it was not. Or did I miss that?

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  4. [[And what ep does the guy talk about how the cards are important? I was curious about that, thinking it would be your new post and it was not. Or did I miss that?]]

    Ehrm, I told that the info about reg. cards is in MY DESCRIPTION (editorial) of Steepler Shop from episode 2 vid. Also, if you send the registration card (or.. well, dunno), you had a warranty for your Dendy.

  5. Er... I knew all that but the guy said "In a later episode we will talk how these cards help in other ways." Guess he meant the warranty.

    Maybe I missed something? This is typical of Dudel. XD

  6. Ehrm... well, all the data from the cards is loaded into the computer and, almost every program, the lottery begins. The lucky guy whose name pops up on the screen of the comp gets a... well, depending on. Most of the episodes got over cartridges, one even had a cool looking bazooka lightgun, but it was great to receive the Video-Uss Dendy magazine all year long as a prize.