Mar 25, 2010

Dendy: The New Reality - Prince of Persia Review (English subtitles)

Crash Nicker's yet another translation. But this time, I'm going to annoy him with editing his editorial. XD

DAMN, WHEN I GOTTA STOP MAKING THESE VIDEOS? (Never.) Yeah, I promised that the video with Yel'kin will be a checkpoint one, but, as you see, I'm just too unexperienced to make the gameplay videos right now, especially commented ones, but who cares. I will. (Especially with your microphone's sound quality.)

Alright, my TENTH translation overall. And the THIRD translation this week. (Crazy.) Yeeeah, I'm mad. (No. You're crazy.) But, nevertheless, I clearly know why do I make 'em:
1) channel expansion (hence that, more views) (More women?)
2) training my skills in English (planning to go abroad... but who knows if I will)
3) historical value (LAWL) (Tesco Value)
4) just for fun (both mine and yours) (DCE slogan?)

Today, Suponev gets his hands over the NES port of Prince of Persia. He loves this game, as you may hear it from his words, and... I'll share my love with him, even if I haven't played PoP in my childhood. (What kind of sick fuck person you are?) Yeah, it may be butchered in contrast to the PC original, but you know what? The gameplay is nearly the same as PCs. The controls are easier to master, though.

Somewhat offtopic. I DO NOT LIKE TENGEN'S MEGADRIVE VERSION. In contrast to both PC and NES. Just for one reason: CONTROLS. Yeah. Now it's really hard to make a little step forward, because it doesn't performed with only one button anymore. Apart from that, the visuals as well as music is a great addition for this thingie... oh well.

Enjoy. Expect more genre variety on the channel from my hardworking lazy ass... to be continued. (Hardworking lazy he said. Can you even follow his thinking?)

The Ninja's word: Again, my problem is with the in-depth of the review. It is okay, yeah, but I cannot get over the fact he didn't really show much. But then again, it never meant to be in-depth. So, do I like this review? Yes. But it's - like everything - not perfect. Suponev still did an okay job at introducing the game. However, if you die, you start at the back of the level, and NOT at the point where you just died. Just how the fuck would you appear back alive at the spikes?
The Nicker's word: <__<. (This is my place. Not yours. Bye-bye. XD)

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