Mar 3, 2010

Dendy: The New Reality - Steepler Shop from ep. 2 (English subtitles)

Ladies and Gentlemen. Crash Nicker's latest translation is pure gold here.

His editorial:
Okay, kids. If you watch this video, I hope you know anything about the unlicensed games but... Do you know how all this famiclone stuff and cartridges as well as joysticks, lightguns, Dendy magazines and such were sold? No? Well then...


This video's going to start some kind of subseries or something like that where you will have a possibility to see a REAL FAMICLONE SHOP with REAL CUSTOMERS. In fact, Steepler had all its' customers registered. How? Buy a console, get a registration card, fill that form in and - YIPPEE! - get a possibility to take part in various lotteries where you could win a cartridge, an ULTRA COOL BAZOOKA LIGHTGUN or even a console. Cool, huh? But, there were millions, and there was only one winner, sadly... Also, in the later Steepler shop extracts, you'll see THE HEAD AND FOUNDER OF STEEPLER! His name, face and biography will be covered in a secret... FOR NOW.

In this vid, Sergei Suponev interviews a randomly selected family who bought a Dendy Junior (DENDY CLASSIC WAS WAY BETTER!) recently. The questions for the interview were not prepared long time ago before the release but rather improvised by Suponev himself. Yeah, Suponev is a truly great showman as you can see in this video...

Also, I swear this is gonna be one of my last translations before I get deeper into my studies. Really. I have hard time with those Ukrainian classes, you know? But hey, I'm Crash Nicker. I may go internet when I have some free time, can't I?

But I probably know what I'll do next. "WHO? WHERE? WHERE TO?" section, first episode. The extract from the episode 2 will come as a straight continuation of both those videos (with a little joke before the advice giving part as well). The picture below shows the head of the particular shop. His name is Alexander Yel'kin. Without him, this video could have never been made. The interview with him will be in episode four! Get ready people! :)

The Ninja's word: I have never, EVER expected to actually SHOW a shop. This is pure piracy, people. Pure piracy that even I was living in, although on a market. This video is fucking amazing. The family don't even know that this Dendy Junior is not legal. THIS IS ILLEGAL YOU KNOW. And they plan to buy a SMD... too bad we don't know what they did later on. I bet the kid was OMGWTF when he got it, cause a 16-bit console is seriously a nice step up from the Dendy. Russia and the world behind. Seriously watch it more than twice. I mean... you could see their low knowledge about the truth behind. Awesome video.

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  1. Just telling you that this WAS legal. It's the Soviet, which means that there are little to no international copyright laws, which would allow thousands of Famiclones to appear. But, there were little, so Dendy had the market.

    The point? Nintendo couldn't do anything, so Dendy was the Russian Nintendo.