Mar 12, 2010

Dendy: The New Reality - Who? What? Where? from ep. 2 (English subtitles)

Crash Nicker's latest translation! (Y) D:

Yeeeeaaaah, I did those 9 minutes at last!!... I feel that this translation would bring me more harm than good because I sit just a BIT TOO MUCH. That translation took me somewhere around 3 or 4 hoirs to do, so... RESPECT THE VALUE OF THIS VIDEO! If you won't, I may be laid off my notebook for a really long time. Rawr.

Okay, so as you noticed, this is the longest video I've done so far. Yet I fixed everything that I threat like a typo, I give no warranty (yet again) that there would be NO GRAMMATIC TENSE ERRORS. And added a Sorec Video's commercial (Sorec Video is the company that helped Steepler to organize the show) as bonus... And, lemmie remind you, 4 hours of my life are gone only for that stupid video. But struggle is worth its' own prize, isn't it?

Okay, this time Sergei Suponev, Dennis Panov and A NEW FACE - a somewhat punky-looking guy with curly hair named Alex (dunno his family name, even if I watched most of the episodes) - will uncover the tricks of Golden Axe III (MD), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (MD), Mickey Mouse 3 aka Kidklown in the States (NES) and, finally, Tiny Toon Adventures (NES). I won't make a comment on this vid for now because:
1) it's just too long to comment on;
2) I'm damn tired after this trans;
3) this video carries mostly a nostalgic/historical value, so...


No more translation this week, I swear... but I promise: I'll give you an interview with Alex Yel'kin ASAP. No guarantee that I will do it next week, but I'll keep my promise after all!

The Ninja's word: Well, this was a nice video, although a few secrets are not really secrets. Golden Axe 3 guy does a double call, then we move onto Sasha and Dennis. I still think Dennis is a bit more experienced in games than Sasha. Also, I have a feeling that those games are prerecorded and played on the TV via a video. Or it is severely edited. Also, how can a FC and a Genesis get hooked on the TV at the same time without doing some cable work? I might sound silly, but this is very weird. The ad at the end made me LOL.

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