Mar 23, 2010

Dendy: The New Reality - Steepler Shop from ep. 4 (English subtitles)

Crash Nicker's latest trans.

This is gonna be a checkpoint among all my videos. I'm going to do netplays, gameplay vids etc after I post this one, but... the project still lives.

Alright... Meet Alexander Yel'kin. He was the head of the Steepler's brand shop once... THE PRIMARY BRAND SHOP, lemmie tell ya, If you need EXACT locations, then lemmie bring you the address: Petrovka St, 12. More boring info on Dendy shops in nutshell: the most imporatnat dealers of Steepler were situated in Moscow, Kiev (yet it was Ukraine, not Russia), Nishniy Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Alma-Ata, Magnitogorsk, Kemerovo, Belgorog and Yekaterinburg, And I haven't mentioned all of them yet!

Also, look at Yel'kin himself. Yeah, it's funny to see a guy that looks like Yuriy Shevchuk from DDT chewing bubblegum, yet, he's nice. At least, nicer that geeky guy from the previous video... LAWL. By the way. There was ONE MORE Alex Yel'kin workin at Dendy. This time, in Kaluga. Recently, that man was (or is) a manager of an enterprise named 'Mir Barby' (World of Barbie). Ho-hum. Steepler is the first step to the more (or less) serious business, yeah?

Nevertheless... Here you get it. The CHECKPOINT VIDEO. So... Give comments, please. It was interesting anyway, wasn't it?

The Ninja's word: I kinda doubt Yel'kin actually played everything, somehow I feel he was acting a little bit. If he did, well, he did a good job, if not, then this guy rules. Thend.


  1. I'm really starting to like these. Its like a cool underground sub-culture of gaming.... except mostly in the USSR area.

  2. I was a child when famiclone-dendy have become into xUSSR. I had a very pirated-one famiclone console, not dendy junor nor dendy classic. It was beautifull time of my childhood. Exchanging cartriges with other kids makes very strong friendship in the future. So now it's a kind of retro-hobbie, old games can be found only exchanging on special forums like