Feb 23, 2010

Velikiy Drakon article on Commandos (Genesis) translated!

Another article from the Great Dragon, translated by Crash Nicker. Thanks!
The Duke Nukem 3D one isn't translated - YET :P
(EDITORIAL) (Note: This editorial is written by Crash Nicker :P)
Good morning dear malchiki and devochiki. Malchiki particularly, because today is the special release, dedicated to the Day of The Mothership Defender holiday which is celebrated, as far as I know, only in our big and dirty ex-USSR and only on February 23. It's the Great D review of the Commandos port for MegaDrive written by C.J.C. and posted in issue 60 (one of the last ones). My opinon about the game? Well, BEST TOMSOFT GAME EVER. But freaking hard.
Background info. Mentioning 'Ho Sung Pak' in here actually means mentioning the whole Chinese piracy. You know who was that guy actually? He played Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat. Then, one guy (I dunno who was that, perhaps Agent Cooper or Lord Hanta) dicided to koin that name in and here you go. One thing else to mention about that Ho Sung Pak joke. There is a cheat/secrets/easter eggs section in the Great D magazine and (ONCE UPON A TIME) an unknown guy sent them a 'description of an easter egg', where he says something like 'watch the MK staff roll carefully and you'll notice a familiar name'. Then something like 'LOL, I don't get the joke'.
But, just to mention, another guy who wrote an article about Sonic Jam 6 (Super Mario Bros 2 in that case) was even noobier... Well, nevamind Aladdin article coming soon.
Enjoy your coke.



Everyone knows that pirates keep watering the plentifying soil of MegaDrive. And now, the comrades and relatives of Ho Sung Pak have a whole bunch of projects for the owners of SEGA 16-bit consoles. Today, we're going to tell you about two of them that stand out against the others.


The first game was not actually expected by the others, while thoughts about porting it to MegaDrive would be treated like an unreal insanity. But these agile Chinese proved that there's nothing impossible yet again and made a rush on the bastions of "Cold" PCs. Well, who actually noticed that, not counting us? However, I'm glad to present you Commandos in the 16-bit format.
The stiry of the game is taking place during World War II at the Nazis' rear. A small team is going under control of the player and in that small team, every member is being a pro in their favourite jobs. The goal of each level is pretty simple: to complete a mission without losing even a single warrior.
In the MegaDrive version of this game, you can play as the following characters:

GREEN BERET - the most important and skilled saboteur in the team. Some kind of a ringleader. His strong shoulders will carry all the primary tasks in this game. Has a knife, able to move the dead enemies' bodies to a secluded nook. Has a bunch of medkits and a decoy in his posession.
SNIPER - never leaves his sniper rifle alone, which he uses for shooting the enemies out on large distances without any miss. Use this advantage for destroying your opponent who's being far away. His only weakness is a low amount of ammo.
MARINE - as soon as he has a harpoon, he can kill the enemies without any noise. One more unique ability of this character is a scuba gear that allows him to pass water obstacles without being detected, and, of course, the ability to ride teammates on a boat.
SAPPER - the most explosive team member. Knows how to use dynamite, throws grenades with a precise accuracy and sets beartraps everywhere. But, using his abilities is problematic since it's very hard to get to the place of dynamite or trap setting without a proper weapon.
SPY - has no weapon, and that makes him completely helpless when he meets an enemy. But the lack of weaponry is fully compensated with the ability to disguise that allows him to walk freely even under enemies' noses. In addition, you can also stand closer to the enemy soldier and kill him with a poison prick.

The only loss of commandos is the DRIVER who could control all the types of autotransport. But, even without him, the game is still addictive.
Every character should complete only that kind of task that he's able to. And remember: when one of your soldiers gets killed, you have to restart all the mission over.
But the loss of one of the heroes is not such a big one. Since MD can't outmaster the PC by it's power, we have only five missions to play compared to the original ninteen. However, even that is enough to spend at least a week in front of your TV set. And, in fact, five mission is much better than no missions at all.
But in anything else, the game keeps itself close to the original. And you also play the game with cursor (D-Pad will replace a computer mouse in that case). Add the gameplay that will keep you on your toes where you have to be as quiet as a weapon stock mouse. An interactive world where anything may be destroyed. The availabilty of the footsteps on the snow which may be noticed by guards is a welcome feature too.
I guess that the only unrecoverable loss of the gameplay is the unability to see to where the Nazi guard is looking at the moment. Now, you have to be patient while looking at the opponent's head and then determining where does he actually look. Because of this, at the first sight, little problem, the game became much harder than before. But that's not the reason to reject this game at all. You adopt to this inconvinience really fast and then you begin to be happy about making your humble donation to the Nazis' army destruction.

X - take
Y - draw the pistol
Z - get up/lie down
A - confirm action
B - change the character
C - cancel


The Ninja's word: Awesome article. I can understand why it's the best Tomsoft SDK game ever made. I'd definitely take this over the HORRIBLE NES port by ESC, AKA Waixing. Even though this one has absolutely no ending, just the results screen and then the title screen... so yeah. Still, it deserves a ride.