Feb 25, 2010

Dendy: New Reality - Master Fighter II Review (English subtitles)

Crash Nicker, who has became a member of Digital Chimera Entertainment (woot?), translated another Dendy show. This time it's Master Fighter 2, 1992 by Yoko Soft... which apparently seems to be their BEST pirate if Cony = Yoko. Weird. Very, very weird.

His comment:

Here I come with another pirate game review, proudly provided by Steepler [somewhat RIP], Sergei Suponev [RIP], SpaceNinja88 and kinaman. Episode five, season one, Master Fighter II by Yoko, the pirate game that is known to start a GODDAMN HUGE wave of cheaply (and not that cheaply made) SF2 clones. No need to mention them all, because... well, see above, in capital letters.

Background info: Suponev actually told children on how to insert a cartridge properly so your Dendy wouldn't get broken (like, insert the cart first THEN push the Power button) in the FIRST release of this nostalgic TV show, so, if you want me to translate this one, request me, I gonna do this some time...

There was also a 'Tips&Tricks' section named 'What? Where? Where to?' featuring a Steepler expert Dennis Panov with his assistant (forgot his name) and Street Fighter II for MD has been mentioned in this episode... well, IT IS in the episode, moved to thst section, and in here, you will learn how to pull out Ryu's infamous Hadoken... Heh.

The Ninja's word: The review is good although the player got very badly owned by Chun-Li, and almost by Ryu. Otherwise I also recommend some netplay practising first before tackling the "story" mode. However, when I had this game - YES, I had this game on a reset-selector cartridge with... Rockman 5, the first game I have ever played - I could compete fine, and this was when I was 7 years old in 1995. Yes, the game lacks characters. Yes, the game lacks a difficulty selection screen. But also: No, the game isn't super cheap! This is easily a good SF pirate!


  1. Wow, that video is simply great... I like that he tell the kid to first play with other friends and only then against the CPU: he's kinda presenting console gaming like a social thing! :)


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