Feb 22, 2010

Dendy: New Reality - Somari Review (English subtitles)

Crash Nicker yet again got something very interesting for you.

Quoting him:

Before you watch this video, some background info. The boom of famiclones on the territory of ex-USSR began in the year 1993, when the newborn Dendy 8-bit console (distributed by the Steepler Company) breached into every family's house. To PR themselves, Steepler decided to go make a specialized magazine named "Video-Uss Dendy" and a TV show named "Dendy: The New Reality" (in Russian: Dendy Novaya Realnost). Both soon transformed into the "Great Dragon" magazine (Velikiy Drakon) and "The New Reality" TV show (without the word "Dendy", as you may see).

The host of this program is Sergei Suponev, widely known among the children of 90s for hosting a quiz show "Zvyozdny Chas", a competitive show "The Call of the Jungles" (Zov Djoongley) and taking part in the Russian version of the Survivor reality show named "Last Man Standing" (Posledniy Geroy). Died some years ago in a car crash. Rest in pieces, dude...

For the show itself. For a starter, it made a quick description of those cartridges for Dendy and SEGA MegaDrive that have been recently appeared in Steepler's stores in Moscow, along with a quick walks to the stores itself and interviewing the customers and sellers... SNES, GameBoy and Virtual Boy games came sooner. For the ex-USSR, the program was merely unique since nobody made a TV show dedicated to the videogames before and, of course, VERY popular, since I'm showing this vid to you.

This is an extract from the 11th episode of the first season (broadcasted on 2X2 channel) where a particular game is being "reviewed". It's name is Somari. Everyone who has been interested in pirate games knows it. Basically, it's a port of Sonic the Hedgehog made by J. Y. Company (AKA Hummer Team and AKA Somari Team). Some people said that the port itself is actually strong, while the others hated it (and still hate) for the squeaky JYish music and for the physics. No matter if you like this game or not, this translation's gotta be in your collection if you love NES games d:).

The game that was reviewed before is actually Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. DON'T FLAME PLEASE IF YOU HATE THIS GAME TOO!!

...and, at the end, the ugly truth about every famiclone's owner about copyrighting... and pirates particulary. Heh.

- SpaceNinja88 for hosting this translation on his Pirated Games Central blog (No problem, dude!)
- BrydoRX/Retinex, Cheetahmen92 and Lin for their moral support
- J. Y... well, you know for what
- The creators of Media Subtitler
- Sachen for the dino and TomSoft for Metro Goldwyn Mayer
- Sergey Suponev (R.I.P.) for a piece of nostalgie
- Kinaman for collaborating all the episodes of this program
- Grandma for teaching me English d:D

My comment on the video: Well, the Indiana Jones part was directly left in. But, about the Somari part... Quick review, though you only get to see two acts. The first zone only... This is my main problem with the otherwise good review. Also, the copyright part... this is VERY risky to talk about on the television. But, since ex-USSR countries, including Hungary where I live, had piracy a huge time, especially in my childhood, this is somewhat accepted here. It also mentions Mario 16, a Joe&Mac hack, what I too had... memories. Definitely worth a watch.

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