Feb 15, 2010

Tomsoft SDK for the Megadrive

Crash Nicker has done it again. He got ahold of Tommy Xie's Megadrive SDK. Tommy Xie itself was Tomsoft. I know it doesn't make much sense, but when I mention Dragon Co., who made Tom & Jerry 3, Felix The Cat (NOT the licensed one), and The Lion King 3 (Which is the worst of all three due to the controls, in my opinion.), plus maybe Titanic (Which was released by SNT), everything suddenly will make sense.

Snapshot time:

Wanna know what game was made using the SDK? None other than the infamous Genesis port of Commandos! It's there in the header, as codeman38 pointed it out under my video's comment.

So yeah. I may have a feeling that there's more games done with this baby. For example: A Bug's Life. And Crash Nicker just sent me a list: Command and Conquer Beta, Lion King 2, Lion King 3, and I have a suspicion about Mulan and Harry Potter.

Download link?
Providing you two. One stable one and one Megaupload one:

Crash Nicker's Megaupload link
SpaceNinja's Dropbox mirror link

Have fun using it, I guess. :3

Also, an update: Will re-make the Darkseed playthrough. I have a written review, plus I want to make screenshots. Tomorrow's the day to make that. Also one more: KingPepe's Super Mario War mod named Super Mari War 5 will be regular here. A mod containing pirated characters, music and levels? Sure thing!


  1. Harry Potter was definitely done with Tomsoft's SDK; I found an alternate version of the ROM with a header that flat-out identified it as such.

    Not sure about Mulan. That one seems very closely related to ChuanPu Tech - it uses some music in common with Barver Battle Saga.

  2. Oh, and I'm almost certain that Lion King 2 is by Gamtec; it uses the same sound driver as Squirrel King.

    Lion King 3 is another story; I still need to do some more research about that one.

  3. Cool. That means there are at least four games done with this SDK!

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