Mar 31, 2010

Let's Play Super Contra 7/8 (NES Pirate)

First of all, I do apologize for the sidebar being screwed up. I have absolutely no idea HOW did it get to the bottom of the page. I have to fix that thing.
Edit: Guess what, if you don't close DIV tags in HTML, your page totally screws up. XD
Anyways, here is the LP of SC7!
Newsflash: Sonic Adventure 7 and Aladdin are all recorded, next is SM3S.

Mar 29, 2010

Coming up.

Ola reader, SpaceNinja here. Announcing what's coming:

- Commentary Super Contra 7 playthrough
- Commentary Aladdin [Hummer team] playthrough
- Commentary Sonic Adventure 7 playthrough
- Commentary Super Mario 3 Special playthrough
- Commentary Pokémon Adventure playthrough

Get ready...

Mar 25, 2010

Dendy: The New Reality - Prince of Persia Review (English subtitles)

Crash Nicker's yet another translation. But this time, I'm going to annoy him with editing his editorial. XD

DAMN, WHEN I GOTTA STOP MAKING THESE VIDEOS? (Never.) Yeah, I promised that the video with Yel'kin will be a checkpoint one, but, as you see, I'm just too unexperienced to make the gameplay videos right now, especially commented ones, but who cares. I will. (Especially with your microphone's sound quality.)

Alright, my TENTH translation overall. And the THIRD translation this week. (Crazy.) Yeeeah, I'm mad. (No. You're crazy.) But, nevertheless, I clearly know why do I make 'em:
1) channel expansion (hence that, more views) (More women?)
2) training my skills in English (planning to go abroad... but who knows if I will)
3) historical value (LAWL) (Tesco Value)
4) just for fun (both mine and yours) (DCE slogan?)

Today, Suponev gets his hands over the NES port of Prince of Persia. He loves this game, as you may hear it from his words, and... I'll share my love with him, even if I haven't played PoP in my childhood. (What kind of sick fuck person you are?) Yeah, it may be butchered in contrast to the PC original, but you know what? The gameplay is nearly the same as PCs. The controls are easier to master, though.

Somewhat offtopic. I DO NOT LIKE TENGEN'S MEGADRIVE VERSION. In contrast to both PC and NES. Just for one reason: CONTROLS. Yeah. Now it's really hard to make a little step forward, because it doesn't performed with only one button anymore. Apart from that, the visuals as well as music is a great addition for this thingie... oh well.

Enjoy. Expect more genre variety on the channel from my hardworking lazy ass... to be continued. (Hardworking lazy he said. Can you even follow his thinking?)

The Ninja's word: Again, my problem is with the in-depth of the review. It is okay, yeah, but I cannot get over the fact he didn't really show much. But then again, it never meant to be in-depth. So, do I like this review? Yes. But it's - like everything - not perfect. Suponev still did an okay job at introducing the game. However, if you die, you start at the back of the level, and NOT at the point where you just died. Just how the fuck would you appear back alive at the spikes?
The Nicker's word: <__<. (This is my place. Not yours. Bye-bye. XD)

Mar 23, 2010

Dendy: The New Reality - Steepler Shop from ep. 4 (English subtitles)

Crash Nicker's latest trans.

This is gonna be a checkpoint among all my videos. I'm going to do netplays, gameplay vids etc after I post this one, but... the project still lives.

Alright... Meet Alexander Yel'kin. He was the head of the Steepler's brand shop once... THE PRIMARY BRAND SHOP, lemmie tell ya, If you need EXACT locations, then lemmie bring you the address: Petrovka St, 12. More boring info on Dendy shops in nutshell: the most imporatnat dealers of Steepler were situated in Moscow, Kiev (yet it was Ukraine, not Russia), Nishniy Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Alma-Ata, Magnitogorsk, Kemerovo, Belgorog and Yekaterinburg, And I haven't mentioned all of them yet!

Also, look at Yel'kin himself. Yeah, it's funny to see a guy that looks like Yuriy Shevchuk from DDT chewing bubblegum, yet, he's nice. At least, nicer that geeky guy from the previous video... LAWL. By the way. There was ONE MORE Alex Yel'kin workin at Dendy. This time, in Kaluga. Recently, that man was (or is) a manager of an enterprise named 'Mir Barby' (World of Barbie). Ho-hum. Steepler is the first step to the more (or less) serious business, yeah?

Nevertheless... Here you get it. The CHECKPOINT VIDEO. So... Give comments, please. It was interesting anyway, wasn't it?

The Ninja's word: I kinda doubt Yel'kin actually played everything, somehow I feel he was acting a little bit. If he did, well, he did a good job, if not, then this guy rules. Thend.

Mar 22, 2010

Dendy: The New Reality - Steepler Shop from ep. 3 (English subtitles)

Crash Nicker's latest translation.

To be honest, I have no emotions on releasing this one after a long hiatus, but yet I'm glad that my channel gets an update (as well as PGC). Yay! And, to notice a typo that I made during the translation... Yeah, the moment when the boy was talking about the 'second floor stuffed with hyperexpensive console' is meant to be... the first. Yup. In Russian-speaking countries, the number of floors in the building starts from the first level (not counting underground floors), while in Engilsh, it starts from the second. I.e. 'first floor' is 'ground floor' and 'second floor' is 'first floor'. That's it.

Okay, Suponev making interviews again. This time...
00:46 A bunch of kids who already has their Dendies. Boy #1 actually mentions that he doesn't have a Dendy console but rather another one 'from China with love' (Subor? Lika?) but still wants to buy a cartridge for his own 'pet' d:P. All I gotta say is... that console is PROBABLY not so called 'Rambo' that was in posession of some kids in those time. I dunno what it EXACTLY is, yet I've seen the photo of it. Also, notice that they ALL wanna get SEGA MegaDrive II. Yeah, I'm really sorry that NES had few strategy (especially real-time) games or something that SEGA actually stands with out the other consoles...
02:15 Basically, IT IS AN INTERESTING PART. Sergei interviews a granny who's going to buy a Dendy to his grandson. It's clear that grandma doesn't understand every wonder of the modern world... And she doesn't understand anything in gaming. Well, yeah, that's only the rise of gaming in ex-USSR, what could you expect?
03:19 Oh, I know that such nerds may take the managing post, but HELL, wy didwa pwut him twere? Just look at him. And listen to the way he speaks. No comment on this guy, Alex Yelkin whom I gonna cover in my next video is a more charismatic guy. Also, notice those 'registration cards' that I have mebtioned in my previous (and first) Steepler brand shop video. Piracy never was so 1337, lemmie tell you. And it still has the curtain of 'legalization' in our countries...

The Ninja's word: The huge difference. The memories. The price, being a huge step up between 8 and 16 bit. Since SNES and SMD were not really pirated, they costed a lot more than Dendys and Famiclones did. Everyone would wanted a SEGA back then. Not all got it. Neither did I. This is an interesting point of view in the second half. After kids come an old woman. Man, I imagined her buying a Genesis for his grandson, who's 29 now if he was 14 in 1994...
And the geek manager. Like "send back and get free catalog of stuff you will don't buy", hahaha.

Mar 12, 2010

Dendy: The New Reality - Who? What? Where? from ep. 2 (English subtitles)

Crash Nicker's latest translation! (Y) D:

Yeeeeaaaah, I did those 9 minutes at last!!... I feel that this translation would bring me more harm than good because I sit just a BIT TOO MUCH. That translation took me somewhere around 3 or 4 hoirs to do, so... RESPECT THE VALUE OF THIS VIDEO! If you won't, I may be laid off my notebook for a really long time. Rawr.

Okay, so as you noticed, this is the longest video I've done so far. Yet I fixed everything that I threat like a typo, I give no warranty (yet again) that there would be NO GRAMMATIC TENSE ERRORS. And added a Sorec Video's commercial (Sorec Video is the company that helped Steepler to organize the show) as bonus... And, lemmie remind you, 4 hours of my life are gone only for that stupid video. But struggle is worth its' own prize, isn't it?

Okay, this time Sergei Suponev, Dennis Panov and A NEW FACE - a somewhat punky-looking guy with curly hair named Alex (dunno his family name, even if I watched most of the episodes) - will uncover the tricks of Golden Axe III (MD), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (MD), Mickey Mouse 3 aka Kidklown in the States (NES) and, finally, Tiny Toon Adventures (NES). I won't make a comment on this vid for now because:
1) it's just too long to comment on;
2) I'm damn tired after this trans;
3) this video carries mostly a nostalgic/historical value, so...


No more translation this week, I swear... but I promise: I'll give you an interview with Alex Yel'kin ASAP. No guarantee that I will do it next week, but I'll keep my promise after all!

The Ninja's word: Well, this was a nice video, although a few secrets are not really secrets. Golden Axe 3 guy does a double call, then we move onto Sasha and Dennis. I still think Dennis is a bit more experienced in games than Sasha. Also, I have a feeling that those games are prerecorded and played on the TV via a video. Or it is severely edited. Also, how can a FC and a Genesis get hooked on the TV at the same time without doing some cable work? I might sound silly, but this is very weird. The ad at the end made me LOL.

Top Fighter 2000 MKVII review


Developer: possibly Gamtec
Platform: Sega MegaDrive
Year of release: unknown

Everyone tells that most of the "M.U.G.E.N. full games" are crap... well, even being a M.U.G.E.N. fighter myself, I'll tell you that that's true. I've seen loads of amateurs' "full games" which are actually stupid mishmashes of various Capcom, SNK and anime chars that have been put ONLINE as completely new games... But the victim of our today's review is a complete pile of crap. Even more rusty than M.U.G.E.N. "1000000-in-1" collabs. This is Top Fighter 2000 MKVII.

Okay. Why MK? It definetly has nothing to do with Mortal Kombat at all... and, if we have MKVII as well as MK5, where's MK6 then? Well, whatever. Let's get deeper into the game.To be honest, out of Gamtec's MD fighting games, Top Fighter 2000 has the sweetest amount of gameplay elements, but still sucks.

Wanna know why?

- Super moves (one per character) and three-tiered gauge for them;
- Faster speed of walking compared to Tekken games;
- Two original characters, which were drawn very nicely, by the way;
- Really bad hit detection;
- The same jumping physics a-la Street Fighter One (whoo!);
- Lack of proper endings (Oh well. Struggle for 5 hours to get a stupid CONGRATULATION screen that flashes for five seconds. Worthless.);
- Cheap, really cheap AI that pulls out all the specials and supers with ease... while you struggle to pull them out on your part because of the...
- Crappy controlling.
- And, as a matter of fact, the lack of feeling that YOU HIT and IT HITS THE OPPONENT. But that's the crappy engine; could you expect anything else from it?

The roster consists of more or less known celebrities of fighting game industry... as well as sports. Seriously! You throught that the availability of Bobby Ologun in Power Instinct Matrimelee-2 was too drastic for the series? Try MKVII's Muhhamad Ali version then! Think that putting Shaq O'Neill into a fighting game is just too weird? Pick Michael JODEN and see what's even more weird. Thankfully, they're all drawn as great as Rock, Terry and Kim brothers in GBC version of Garou, so they already have a potential of hitting a King of Fighters dream match game if they have more fluid animations... but hey, their moves are just weird. No, not THEIR actually, but HIS. That Michael JODEN thing. I guess that Gamtec have played Chaos in Windy City before, because JODEN has a special where he launches a basketball... and an MK3-inspired move where a flaming ball flies up from the ground (do you remember Shang Tsung having a similar move?).

Ali is just damn good. Nuff said. Seriously, did you ever had an idea to mix Balrog [boxer] and Sagat?

The rest of the chars has been cheaply ripped from other games. Cyclops and Ryu - MvC series, Ryo, Kyo and Geese - King of Fighters and Fatal Fury games, Goku (in his... Shin form) - Dragon Ball Z. All crappily animated. No need to say more I guess. And - OH - the intro. Please, don't watch it if you don't want to LOL your lungs off, okay?

Now, lemmie tell you how does your regular MKVII match look like. You pick a character and ROUND 1 title shows on the screen. Opponent makes the first attack and you desperatedly try to launch a fireball or something just to knock him down. Finally, you do a special, but: 1) it doesn't hit your enemy; 2) he does a counter attack on you. With success, lemmie tell you. And, to make a final blow on your nerves, he performs a SUPER MOVE, while you don't have at least one tier of the gauge full and... you dunno how to do that. His attempt to crush you becomes successful... as usual. Result? Owned. Even at the easiest difficulty. Now tell me, is there any need to play this when you already know that you'll be dissappointed?

And, as required, the remaining things of this game.

Controls. Like any NES or NGPC fighting game, this game exploits 2 BUTTONS ONLY... while your usual MD pad has 3 or even 6. Need any comments? If you need, well... THAT'S CHEAP. How lazy of you, Gamtec.
Music. I heard those blimps and drums somewhere... Seriously. Just a bunch of random MIDIs reconverted to MD format. Nuff said.
Sounds. Same situation as music.
Replayability. Guess if it's here. If you can't, read the article from the beginning, don't just stare at the very end of it.

Basically, having two awesomely drawn original characters for the pirated game is cool. But it's the only reason you have to play this. If you want something more promising, refer to GameBoy Color pirate based on Garou: Mark of the Wolves (and again, possibly made by Gamtec as well). Yeah, it has flaws too, but not as much as Top Fighter 2000 does. Honestly.

Written by Crash Nicker

Mar 8, 2010

Dendy: The New Reality - Samurai Pizza Cats (English subtitles)

A new translation by Crash Nicker. YES, he DID use the Digital Chimera Entertainment version of his intro. :P

...better late than never. At least the upload date is March 8, so here you go. Girls' day special.

Okay, so Mario 16 and Joe & Mac translation showed a really stunning contradiction... but it's nothing compared to THIS REVIEW, I've never seen Kyatto Ninden Teyandee AKA Samurai Pizza Cats AKA Ninja Cat on ex-USSR channels being broadcast (while Ninja Turtles went on their conquer of the planet Earth, whoo!)... so here you go. A mashed review of a great platform game. No more comment on this one, except he mentions about the 13th issue of Video-Uss Dendy,

And one more warning gals... You may get your lungs damaged during the LAWLing at the review. Anyway, I hope you had nice holidays. And, proudly, I wish you good luck and a lot of ninja fun (Yet I doubt that there are oldschool gaming girls watching this. Nevertheless, you have the documentary).

Who? What? Where? episode two is coming up next. Yet it's gonna be PRETTY LONG (9 minutes of the main section and 1-2 mins on placing the Steepler's advertisment as an extra)...

The Ninja's word: Since I always write VERY short comments on the translations, now comes a longer one. This review is LULZ. You can select from three characters - and can be changed every level and each time you die, plus you get four helpers to choose from, they use the NINPO meter up, as well as your special attacks - hold Up and attack. The third one for Speedy is the strongest, his infamous sword move. I had this game as a kid. I really, really liked it. It actually had the feeling of the cartoon. The game is awesome. The translation too. The review... not.

Mar 4, 2010

Dendy: The New Reality - Who? What? Where? from ep. 1 (English subtitles)

Crash Nicker, and basically the daily translation.

Yeah, I just keep stamping new and new translations. Don't even know where to stop... Alright. New subseries called 'Who? What? Where? translations.' Yeah, I decided to change the original title (Who? Where? Where to?) so it could sound more sweet, but that doesn't change the meaning of the section anyway, r-r-r-right?

Now, it's time to meet that... no, not the head guy of Steepler. For now, we have a more interesting dude. His name is Dennis Panov, who was an expert of Steepler once... Dunno where he works right now, but, unlike Suponev himself (who lies in a wooden smoking at the moment... rest in peace), he keeps enjoying his living.

The video... well, episode one. Meet Dennis Panov. He'll tell you about the job (his 'on the phone expert' occupation... 'Wizard' movie, anyone?) and show you some secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Cool thing to start with. But still, I have an objection... Dan may say (as well as Sergei) that he beaten all the games on all existing consoles... HA! Oh doctor Whiteman! Where are your awesome lie detection techniques?.. Without kidding, I highly doubt he had beaten Summer Carnival '92: Recca... nevamind, it's a show for kids, y'know. Such fairy tales are allowed in there.

Next on Siting Place:
- Interview with Alexander Yel'kin
- More Dendy shop moments
- 8th of March special
- And WWW episode two, now with a 'henchman' d=)

P. S. LAWL AT SINKING DENDY! (the elephant)

* For those who don't know. Dr. Whiteman is a protagonist of Lie to Me serious. Smart man. Smart but weird. I guess that will be enough for you.

The Ninja's word: This is a good addition. I mean, we can see one of the brains behind the show. The gamer who does it all. Hired by Dendy. Hard to believe, but true. Also, we see Sonic 3. Not pirated. This still should be watch. Background info. Or something like that.

Kart Fighter (NES Pirate) Review by ARProductions

Aaron made a review of K.F. Enjoy!

Mar 3, 2010

Dendy: The New Reality - Steepler Shop from ep. 2 (English subtitles)

Ladies and Gentlemen. Crash Nicker's latest translation is pure gold here.

His editorial:
Okay, kids. If you watch this video, I hope you know anything about the unlicensed games but... Do you know how all this famiclone stuff and cartridges as well as joysticks, lightguns, Dendy magazines and such were sold? No? Well then...


This video's going to start some kind of subseries or something like that where you will have a possibility to see a REAL FAMICLONE SHOP with REAL CUSTOMERS. In fact, Steepler had all its' customers registered. How? Buy a console, get a registration card, fill that form in and - YIPPEE! - get a possibility to take part in various lotteries where you could win a cartridge, an ULTRA COOL BAZOOKA LIGHTGUN or even a console. Cool, huh? But, there were millions, and there was only one winner, sadly... Also, in the later Steepler shop extracts, you'll see THE HEAD AND FOUNDER OF STEEPLER! His name, face and biography will be covered in a secret... FOR NOW.

In this vid, Sergei Suponev interviews a randomly selected family who bought a Dendy Junior (DENDY CLASSIC WAS WAY BETTER!) recently. The questions for the interview were not prepared long time ago before the release but rather improvised by Suponev himself. Yeah, Suponev is a truly great showman as you can see in this video...

Also, I swear this is gonna be one of my last translations before I get deeper into my studies. Really. I have hard time with those Ukrainian classes, you know? But hey, I'm Crash Nicker. I may go internet when I have some free time, can't I?

But I probably know what I'll do next. "WHO? WHERE? WHERE TO?" section, first episode. The extract from the episode 2 will come as a straight continuation of both those videos (with a little joke before the advice giving part as well). The picture below shows the head of the particular shop. His name is Alexander Yel'kin. Without him, this video could have never been made. The interview with him will be in episode four! Get ready people! :)

The Ninja's word: I have never, EVER expected to actually SHOW a shop. This is pure piracy, people. Pure piracy that even I was living in, although on a market. This video is fucking amazing. The family don't even know that this Dendy Junior is not legal. THIS IS ILLEGAL YOU KNOW. And they plan to buy a SMD... too bad we don't know what they did later on. I bet the kid was OMGWTF when he got it, cause a 16-bit console is seriously a nice step up from the Dendy. Russia and the world behind. Seriously watch it more than twice. I mean... you could see their low knowledge about the truth behind. Awesome video.

Mar 1, 2010

Dendy: The New Reality - Mario 16 + Joe and Mac (English subtitles)

Crash Nicker, who basically keeps releasing interesting, new stuff for us, has brought another translation.

He says:
Fine, today I come with TWO reviews in one. Both made on a same game, but... one game was a hack and was reviewed earlier and the second was the original licensed game and was reviewed later. Result? Sergei Suponev, the host of this show, got confused and said that Joe & Mac HAS MARIO 16's MUSIC AND BACKGROUNDS, therefore, it's a "somewhat hacked Mario 16". Well... EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES, you know.

Okay, so what is Mario 16? The most popular pirated 'sequel' of good old Super Mario Bros among the ex-USSR kids, of course! Haven't got it owned in childhood, but hey, my friend had this game built into his famiclone, Lika (brrrrr, undeattachable pads). Like in many other cheap Mario hacks (from parts 4 to 17 excluding, ehrm, part 5 which is SMB2USA) this is merely a GFX hack with the protagonist replaced with Mario in his SMB3 skin. But hey, doesn't the font at the title screen of Joe & Mac look like SMB3's? And the shout that Joe does as soon as he gets wounded, - reminds you of Mario's voice too, right? Well, nevertheless, good game. Not the awesome one like *cough*Recca*cough* TMNT Tournament Fighters, but hey, there is a SNES version that doesn't actually look as cheap as this one, so you gotta check it out.

The episode 9 of the first season was actually the one where Super Nintendo made its' debut. NO, NOT FAMICLONE. All imported. The price of the console and the cartridges was obviously expensive though. That's why Suponev had to tell kids about Mario's REAL ORIGIN (i. e. Nintendo) after Mario 16 review. However, I think that Mario's career actually began with the release of Donkey Kong (known as Jumpman in there)...

In fact, if you want to see the intro of this program at the very beginning of my translations, REQUEEEST!! Thank you.


The Ninja's word: I had Mario 16. I kinda hated the jumping mechanics. Jump higher with UP on the D-Pad. Why not A? Damn. This makes less sense. Otherwise, the game CAN kick your ass if you're not careful. Especially that big flesh-eating flower. Anyways... the reviews are good, although the second made confusion. Watch it now! :P