Apr 4, 2010

A very random musical moment...

And I do mean very random. I sometimes create music. This is my latest creation under one of my codenames. And with me, my mood decides the sounding. This time I wasn't in a good mood, rather pissed off I was. I know it ain't pirated material, but sometimes something new might be useful here.
Anyways, here it is... Hagane Shizuka aka Steven Goldberg - Humanoid (Extended Mix) Demo.

Apr 2, 2010

Ott Vinta! - Wolfenstein 3D Review (English subtitles)

Do I need to say who did this?

Surprise, surprise! Season 2 begins! And it begins with another infamous Russian TV show of the past, 'Ott Vinta!' Ehrm, what's the title supposed to mean? Well, in Russian, this phrase is said when a plane is about to take off, so it may be translated as 'Off We Go!', I guess... but never mind, let's move on.

So, this time we have TWO hosts instead of ONE. These are Anton 'Gameover' Zaicev and Boris 'Bonus' Repetur, who will comment the ingame process as well (thankfully, more detailed than Suponev did in his show... but who cares). And yeah, unlike Suponev, these guys are STILL alive and keep making overviews of new (as well as retro-) games...

Now, it's time for a history lesson! (Can I go out now? I fail at history.) Timeline:
1994 - The first four episodes of the show are being shot.
1995 - First broadcast, as well as making new episodes as well. Channel: RTR (now Rossia-1), Sponsored by (surprise again!)... STEEPLER.
1996 - The show is being swapped from weekend rails on workday rails. The Ott Vinta! staff shouts desperately...
1997 - ...because of this, the show moves to the NTV (HTB in Cyrillic letters). Sponsored by ViewSonic, Spasskie Vorota and Beliy Veter.
1998 - mashups made out of legacy episodes; some new episodes and the show shuts down due to financial problems.
1999-200X - Bonus and Gameover still keep reviewing computer games, making appearences in various shows where they're given 5 minutes in average.
2007 - New retrogaming show starring them, 'Byloe i DOOMy'
2007-2010 - Igromania magazine takes the rights of Ott Vinta! show and (with cooperation with FXA Studio who made the restoration of the VHSrip) keeps releasing the show on their bundle DVDs. Some episodes are still unreleased though, cos' they weren't available.
2008 - New show, this time, 'Bez Vinta' (lame translation of the title: Without An Airscrew), starring BONUS AND GAMEOVER ONLY. Basically, the same format as in 'Ott Vinta!', just reviewing newer games.
2008-2009 - Bonus and Gameover are the hosts of the show that was released before them,,, and is still being broadcasted after they left their places, 'Ikona Videoigr' (The Icon Of Videogames).
2010 - Due to the worldwide crisis, Bonus and Gameover are making 'cameo appearences' in the Ikona Videoigr show. Sooner, they don't appear there at all.

P. S. Gaaawd mode!
P. P. S. Unlike in case with Dendy: The New Reality, I decided to start from the first episode. So pay no attention to a crappy intro of the show :D
P. P. P. S. One more extract is yet to come. Short but exciting.

Copyright spoiler: THIS VIDEO (as well as translation) IS PROVIDED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY FOR FREE. No money or sweets were acquired during making this. (And no women neither.)

The Ninja's word: This review kinda fails, if you review something, do it without cheating. The music in the background is also disturbing a little bit for me. Also, the two guys seem entertaining and thus promising.